Nutritional Therapy with
Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP

Most people start by setting up a time for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. During this exploratory session, we talk about how we can work together to reach your goals. At that time, you are welcome to ask questions about my approach and experience.

Think of your nutritional therapy journey in three-month increments.

Once you decide to move forward, we agree on a framework for meeting frequency and structure based on your needs and preferences by selecting the plan that is best for you. You fill out the initial forms and schedule an intake session. I study your history carefully before the session and come prepared with notes and a draft of your first recommendations.

During the intake session, we discuss your health history in depth. This includes your family history, as well as your nutritional and lifestyle habits and objectives for future healing with full respect for your resources.

After the session, I will send you a set of nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations and any resources and recipes that seem relevant to you at the time.

My recommendations are clear and thorough, to the point that some of my clients refer to them as operating instructions for their bodies!

Sessions can be scheduled for individuals, couples, or family members. My experience includes supporting blended families and divorced couples who split custody of their children.

Please note: It is required that all programs be completed within three months of the initial intake session.