Working as a nutritionist is not easy. Most of us run our practices as solopreneurs, managing every aspect of the business. We create profit and loss statements. We oversee website updates. But there was one aspect of my nutrition practice that I didn’t want to go alone—the clinical work. I saw the enormous benefits of working with other nutritionists.

I wanted brainstorming partners. People who had my passion for research and practical application. And I really wanted to learn what they were studying! Ultimately, I wanted a community of nutritionists.

You may be wondering—why? What are the benefits of working with other nutritionists?

Information Sharing

One of the biggest pros to a case study or monthly practitioner group is sharing of knowledge. The old saying is true, two heads are better than one! We can only learn so much on our own. Working within a group of dedicated nutritionists exposes us to new anecdotal and evidence-based information. We learn about upcoming workshops and conferences, or newly formulated supplements. We gain clinical pearls that we can’t easily grasp working alone in our office.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is slightly different from information sharing. When working within a group we’re able to witness the many ways that a problem can be solved, versus the one or two ways that we might solve it on our own. This insight is invaluable when working with unique, bio-individual clients. I’ve commonly witnessed huge “aha!” moments in case study sessions thanks to the communal problem-solving of the group.

Better Client Outcomes

Your clients will benefit from multiple practitioners working on their cases. And, the experience and knowledge you gain from group work will carry over into all your client sessions, whether they’re directly examined, or not. Better client outcomes are the goal of our vocation, and group work directly supports this goal.

Dedicated Time

For years I tried to make informal appointments or lunch dates with practitioners to work through clinical cases. But, it’s difficult to make this happen outside of a focused time and space. People are busy—working as a clinician is labor-intensive, and it’s hard to take time away. It’s truly worthwhile to create a dedicated time for case study work, with the commitment of a group. It’s much easier to do group work when the date and time are set, and others are also committed to showing up.


Case study groups often result in increased referrals. And this makes perfect sense! When we work together we begin to learn the clients that others in the group are experts in helping. We trust their knowledge, and they trust ours. I often witness an increase in client load thanks to clinical work collaborations.

If you’d like to be part of my robust case study group, Case Study Toolkit, please click here. I’d love to see you in one of our meetings!