What to expect from nutritional therapy with Sara Russell


The Nutritional Therapy Process

Most people start by setting up a time for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. During this exploratory session, we talk about how we can work together to reach your goals. At that time, you are welcome to ask questions about my approach and experience.

Once you decide to move forward, we agree on a framework for meeting frequency and structure based on your needs and preferences by selecting the plan that is best for you. You fill out the intake forms and schedule an intake session. I study your history carefully prior to the session and come prepared to the session with notes and a draft of your initial recommendations.

During the intake session, we discuss your health history in depth. This includes your family history, as well as your nutritional and lifestyle habits and health goals. After the session, I send you a set of nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations and any resources and/or recipes that seem relevant to you at the time.

My recommendations are clear and thorough, to the point that some of my clients refer to them as operating instructions for their bodies.

Sessions can be scheduled for individuals, couples, or any combination of family members. My experience includes supporting blended families and divorced couples who split custody of their children.

A functional nutrition approach

By “functional nutrition,” I mean an approach that considers the inter-relationship between your nutritional status and your current and past health history. Additionally, I recommend appropriate lab testing, if applicable, and interpret your results from the perspective of optimal health as opposed to the medical model’s disease-based perspective.

I take a thorough history to understand the root causes of your symptoms and dysfunction so we can address them more effectively. In other words, I investigate for answers and make connections between the pieces of your health history to have the most thorough possible understanding of the context.

Guiding questions to address root causes

Here are a few key questions I address in the process of investigating the factor(s) that may be causing the problem and what can help resolve it:

  1. What are the main sources of physical and emotional stress?
  2. Are there sensitivities to food, home/body care products or environmental stimuli?
  3. What nutrients are missing from the diet?
  4. What functional deficiencies in digestion and absorption may be preventing the body from using nutrients present in the diet?
  5. Are there imbalances in the intestinal microbiota (the mix of microorganisms living in the gut, responsible for helping proper digestion, absorption, immunity and metabolism)?
  6. Is the body trying to clear toxins through the skin and other organs of elimination?
  7. During both initial and follow-up sessions, you can expect me to listen carefully and to ask a lot of questions personalized to your situation.

I produce practical nutritional and lifestyle recommendations with easy-to-use resources.

What can I expect after the sessions?

I provide concrete guidance after sessions to help you implement changes to improve your health. You can expect these recommendations to be clear, specific and easy to implement. When applicable, I include resources, recipes and concrete action steps.

I help you move along at a pace that is realistic for you and your family so you can make gradual yet steady changes in the right direction. This allows you to implement and maintain the changes more easily.

After each individual session, you receive individualized nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. After each family session, you receive nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that provide a framework for the whole family, integrating specific nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendation for each family member.

Pricing Questions?

You can learn about my fee schedule here!