Restore your health and vitality


I know from personal experience what it means to struggle with chronic illness, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue.

Do you struggle with very low energy and extremely high levels of pain? I’ve been there, too. I know how bleak and hopeless each day can be when you feel stuck and sick.

When you are affected by a serious illness, targeted nutritional therapy can help tremendously.

The quantifiable and unquantifiable costs of chronic illness vary from person to person, depending on how severely it impacts you physically, emotionally, financially, interpersonally, logistically, and socially. When you work with me via individual nutritional therapy or one of my trusted practitioner referrals, you’ll receive a solid plan and real support and understanding. Each small step you take and each milestone you reach will breathe new hope into your life. Together we can tap back into your immense potential for healing!

My approach to chronic illness

When I work with people experiencing symptoms of illness and imbalance, I take a careful look at the health history and family history. This allows me to address two basic questions. The first is “What caused the symptom or symptoms?” and the second is “What can we do to clear or relieve the symptom(s)?”

For me, each piece of information the client provides during the consultations is a potential opening into further questions to learn more about the symptom, its possible origins, its evolution over time, and its connection with other aspects relating to the client’s health history.

I work with a model that can be likened to a chain. This chain has various interconnected pieces. These include family history, epigenetics and genetics, environmental exposures, nutritional deficiencies, food and environmental sensitivities, lifestyle factors, and other aggravating issues.

If you have a chronic illness you may also want to reset your health appropriately at certain key moments in life. A targeted functional health reset can work wonders prior to conception or after breastfeeding. Additionally, if you are preparing for or recovering from medical or dental treatment, it makes sense to address your unique health needs. These include vaccines, chemotherapy, anesthesia, and amalgam removal.

Restore your health and vitality

I approach illness and imbalance from the most gentle and common-sense perspective possible. This means providing you with a tool kit to restore balance in accordance with your current situation. My vast kit includes nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, resources for stress management, and further testing.

When appropriate, I offer hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) services as a tool to aid in nutritional balancing and assessing for exposure to toxic metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. Unfortunately, these are a common aggravating factors in many people with chronic illnesses. A properly interpreted HTMA offers information about imbalances and toxicities.


Do you feel like you need to cleanse or detoxify? Need to press the reset button?

Detoxification is one of the most used and least understood terms in discussions about health. Under ideal conditions, our bodies automatically rebalance, reset, and restore. Detoxification happens when we eat nourishing foods, rest, relax, and sleep. Sometimes, however, imbalances, dysfunction, and illness can disrupt the natural cycles. This can make it harder for the body to physiologically detoxify.

Good questions lead to good answers

Have you ever worked with a health provider who just couldn’t figure you out? I can’t count the number of times when doctors treated me like a medical mystery! Many practitioners aren’t well-versed in taking a full client history to make connections and understand the root causes of complex symptom patterns. My job is to ask questions to understand, dig deeper, connect the dots, and ultimately see the full picture to the best of my ability. Through this process, we can come up with an effective plan for you.

I ask questions about your past and present nutrition, level of physical and emotional stress, illnesses, medications, environmental exposures, sleep, and quality of life. As I gather more information, I ask more questions and remain curious about possible causes and connections.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle support

So, do you need support through your journey to restore health?