Take your business, family-centered offerings, and clinical skills to the next level.

The Nurture Membership gets your clients the results they’re after and helps you build the business of your dreams.

You already know the importance of nutrition and lifestyle support for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Our hormones, including fertility hormones, are directly made from the nutrients in the foods we eat.

But do you know the most potent traditional foods to recommend to couples preparing for conception?

Or how to help a pregnant mom decipher what supplements and herbs are best for her during pregnancy?

Or the specific probiotic strains that reduce colic in babies?

The Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family™ courses help families of all shapes and sizes from preconception to postpartum.

I highly recommend the Build, Nurture, and Restore Memberships for any practitioner who works with women who plan to one day become pregnant, as well as pregnant and new mothers.”

– Danielle, Boston, MA

The Nurture Membership includes:

  • Your choice of two Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family!™ courses including robust orientation materials & personalized online portal, live instructor calls, and private instructor group

  • 5-week Foundations in Practice business-building mentorship course

  • Enrollment in Case Study Toolkit clinical skills community, a twice-monthly meeting of curious clinicians led by Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP

New Membership
$3499 first year or $299/month for 12 months

Current Instructors & Returning Members
$1749 or $150/month for 12 months

Learn more about the Feed Your Body,
Grow Your Family!™ Courses

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™Feed Your Pregnant Body!™, and Feed Your Growing Family!™ programs give you access to:

  • Six robust modules and bonus materials
  • A done-for-you curriculum you can use right now to teach groups or work with private clients
  • Rigorous, frequently updated research to help you provide your clients with sound advice
  • A mentor with a decade of experience under her belt
  • A caring, knowledgeable, and active instructor community and monthly calls

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Foundations in Practice Business Mentoring

Becoming a Build member means you’ll have access to Foundations in Practice, a 5-week business mentoring group specialized for health professionals.
  • Week 1: Manage Your Mindset
  • Week 2: Manage Your Time
  • Week 3: Manage Your Money
  • Week 4: Manage Your Network
  • Week 5: Manage Your Marketing
Bonuses Include
  • Examination of your fee schedule
  • Examination of financial targets
  • Feedback on clinical schedule
  • Networking email template
  • Exploration of professional niche

Click here for more details.

*Foundations in Practice is offered à la carte four times per year. If you’re interested in this offering, please complete the application

“My income, along with my confidence and professionalism, has reached new heights.”

– Robert B.

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Case Study Toolkit Clinical Skills Community

Case Study Toolkit gathers practitioners from around the world to collaboratively brainstorm their current client work.

  • Two 90-minute calls during the 1st and 3rd week of each month: calls are live and recorded for the benefit of anyone unable to attend a meeting or for later review.
  • Deep evaluation of initial intakes
  • Analysis of food journals
  • Analysis of supplemental questionnaires such as the Nutri-Q, MSQ, neurotransmitter evaluation, detoxification evaluation, etc.
  • Review of supplements and prescription drug influence
  • Focus on practical, evidence-based recommendations
  • Review of follow-up appointment and client outcomes
  • Conversation on how to support clients while staying within the scope of practice
  • Communication and collaboration with other members of the client’s healthcare team
  • Discussion of tools for building and expanding a referral network
  • And so much more!

To learn more about Case Study Toolkit, click here.

*Case Study Toolkit is offered à la carte. If you’re interested in this offering, please complete the application

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