Over the past year, having a mixed-income stream of one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and evergreen programs was truly a life-saver. I might now be out of business without the benefits of my diversified nutrition practice.

Even if you’re not a parent, it’s smart to consider a diversified business structure. Perhaps you have hobbies you’d like to pursue more fully, other business ideas you want to explore or spend more time resting and connecting to family.

With multiple ways to make money you can: 

  • take time off without missing out on all of your income
  • share your valuable information with more people in your community
  • conserve some of your time for profitable projects (or valuable rest!) as opposed to devoting all your billed hours to one-on-one appointments 
  • pursue continuing education while funding your new knowledge!

Does the thought of creating a diversified practice sound overwhelming to you? Just a few years ago, it was overwhelming to me, too.

My nutrition business was my second career. I had never run a business before, much less a business that offered multiple services.

But, I saw the value in one thing that made all the difference: the power of taking small steps.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the creation of new revenue streams, such as evergreen programs, sometimes blocks us from ever taking the first step! But, our job is simply to take small steps—not pressure ourselves into believing we’ll never get there.

If you’d like support in starting the journey, let me know. I’ve been there. And I can help you grow a diversified practice, too!