The Build Membership, Nurture Membership, and Restore Membership allow you to choose a membership level that gives you access to research-based, ready-to-teach courses on preconception, pregnancy, and/or postpartum health—the Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family!™ trio of courses. Additionally, members receive built-in business and clinical mentoring in a supportive community framework. 

You can choose to teach your family-focused classes live or online and use the curriculum to lead groups or one-to-one appointments for parents and couples. The Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family!™ programs are designed to help you guide parents-to-be in your integrated nutrition practice. As a member, you’re also invited to monthly instructor calls and our private instructor Facebook forum.

Business and clinical guidance occur in the annual Foundations in Practice business mentoring group, a live 5-week course designed to strengthen business basics such as mindset, time management, financial organization, network building, and marketing. Clinical skills are expanded in the twice-monthly Case Study Toolkit group, an established community of experienced clinicians led by Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP. 

Our highest membership level includes one-to-one quarterly calls for personalized planning, strategizing, and celebrating both business and clinical milestones. You’ll complete these calls with practical action steps to create a successful and satisfying career.

Your Build, Nurture, or Restore membership gives you access to all this and more!

All nutritionists and health and wellness professionals are welcome to apply! Graduates of the Nutritional Therapy Association®’s (F)NTP program and members of the NANP (National Association for Nutrition Practitioners) are eligible. If you’re a nutritional or healthcare professional with a different background, we’ll evaluate your credentials on a case-by-case basis. Every applicant must provide a copy of their certificate or degree with their application. 

After becoming familiar with the materials presented, instructors run live programs, either in person or online, using the provided course materials to support parents-to-be during preconception and pregnancy. For most instructors, the programs are an important part of their integrated nutritional therapy practice.

Graduates of the Nutritional Therapy Association®’s programs are eligible. Members of the NANP (National Association for Nutrition Practitioners) are also eligible. If you are a nutritional or health care professional with a different training and professional membership background, I will evaluate your credentials on a case-by-case basis. You will be asked to provide a copy of your certificate upon applying to become a program instructor.

Yes. The Find an Instructor page lists each instructor, along with location, contact information and a link to the instructor’s webpage if applicable.

Please feel free to promote your individual nutritional therapy services and any other group services you offer which are complementary to this program, as long as you adhere to the contract terms of each program you are an instructor for and do so in a way that is respectful of what each program has to offer. Please also check with your other program(s) because their terms and expectations may be different.

You’ll receive access to a comprehensive orientation course including:

  • Instructor manual 
  • Printable participant workbook
  • General program overview 
  • Detailed lesson plans and activity worksheets
  • Tips and tools for effective marketing, pricing, class structure, and size
  • Business forms, including disclaimers and feedback forms
  • A wide variety of made-for-you marketing materials
  • Thorough lesson-by-lesson video guidance from the course creator, Sara Russell, FNTP, Ph.D.

Instructors are invited to join the private practitioner Facebook forum, where they can ask questions and connect with the instructor community. And you won’t want to miss our live calls! We cover course updates, new resource materials, and share clinical pearls. 

  • Ongoing support via the exclusive instructor forum
  • Monthly live video calls 
  • Written materials to address the practical business side of being an instructor and a practitioner
  • The materials resource library, an ever-growing collection of resources covering topics from building clinician confidence and networking to establishing your online presence
  • A varied mentoring framework depending on your level of membership—all members have access to the annual 5-week Foundations in Practice course. This live workshop examines mindset, time management, money management, network building, and marketing in a small-group setting. 

Nurture and Restore members gain access to Case Study Toolkit, a twice-monthly group where we meet to talk about your ongoing client cases and support you as you support your clients. This group also serves as a robust referral network, perfect for clinicians who would like to grow their client base. 

Restore members receive quarterly one-on-one calls with Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP, to review their goals and progress and set empowering action steps to move forward.

Our goal is to support you and your family-focused career every step of the way!

Yes! Your name, location, contact info, website link, and courses offered will be listed on the Find an Instructor page at 

Yes! The Feed Your Fertile Body!™, Feed Your Pregnant Body!™, Feed Your Growing Family!™, and Foundations in Practice programs have been pre-approved by the NTA and NANP for 10 CEUs each. 

You have access to your CEUs upon completion of the instructor assessment process, which is a straightforward way to make sure you have clarity on the key concepts presented in each course and clarify any missing points. Don’t worry, the assessments are there to help you build competence and confidence, not create a sense of stress or judgment!  

Yes! You gain access to updated program materials and annual upgrades as long as you remain a member.

You can sign up securely with your credit or debit card and choose either annual or recurring options.

You have choices! 

You can continue with your current access to resources, instructor calls, and the private instructor forum. 

But if you’d like to upgrade to a membership, you will receive a generous discount on your annual membership—50% off the price of full annual membership. Click here to sign up!  

Membership includes access to our brand new instructor platform, as well as continual research-based course updates, new program add-ons, and additional chances for community building. Depending on the membership level you choose, you will gain access to Foundations in Practice, the Case Study Toolkit community, and quarterly calls with Sara.

Please send an email to [email protected] with any questions.  

Yes! The Foundations in Practice 5-week business mentoring course and Case Study Toolkit clinical skills mentoring group are still available without a membership.

No problem! You can easily upgrade by paying the difference between your current membership and the level above.

Specific pricing and registration information is located on the BuildNurture, and Restore membership pages.

I’m glad you asked! Please visit You can get more details and sign up directly from the homepage.

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