Business basics
are holding you back.

You have amazing ideas, but you can’t get organized.

Your business is costing you money versus making it.

What if you had the support to turn your dream practice—one that supports your clients and you—into a reality?

In your dream practice:

  • You love working in your business and on it. You make enough money to contribute to your family. 
  • You effortlessly connect with the clients who need you and sign them up for your programs without feeling overwhelmed or insecure.
  • Your business foundations are in place—streamlined scheduling, attainable accounting and an authentic marketing voice. You don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel with every new client.
  • You’re on top of your money, making sure that you have the income you need to build a sustainable and profitable practice…so you can reach more and more people!

Best of all, your schedule allows you to balance work and life. No more feeling torn between the work you love and your family! 

Is this your dream?
You’ll accomplish this and so much more with
Foundations in Practice!

Hi, I’m Sara! The creator of Foundations in Practice mentoring. 

foundations in practice

The course of my life was changed after the c-section birth of my baby. I was nourishing my new baby but not being nourished myself. I felt scared, isolated, and alone. Even though there was abundance all around me, I couldn’t access it because I lacked support.

Through that experience, I realized the importance of taking care of both ourselves and each other. In 2013 I started my nutrition practice with the goal of helping others connect with food as a tool of love and healing.

I based my business model on these same values: love, connection, and nourishing my clients. I quickly built a thriving practice—Build, Nurture, Restore—with the help of a dynamic network of like-minded peers and practitioners.

But as I was experiencing success, many other practitioners weren’t. So many of my colleagues were struggling with:

Confidence – trapped in imposter syndrome and taking endless continuing education courses

Balance – wanting to spend time with their family, but feeling torn between a fulfilling work and home life

Marketing – wanting to reach people in an authentic and non-salesy way, but feeling like they should market like the traditional “experts”

Systems – bogged down in the day to day nuts and bolts of how to get their practice running smoothly, especially their finances

I witnessed so many of my colleagues struggle, even though they had incredible ideas and talents to offer. 

I shifted my focus to mentoring—now I get to help other nutritionists bring their dreams to life!

Every practitioner should have the support they need to build a sustainable, successful practice while maintaining their energy and integrity!



The big problems nutritionists face…

I understand what you’re going through.

You dream of helping people restore their health and getting their lives back but overwhelm and imposter syndrome have taken over. You’re not sure how to manage your business, and you worry you still need to learn more before you can help your clients.

You’re swept up in education mode. You attend all the courses, trainings, and summits. But instead of feeling more prepared, you’re painfully focused on all the things you don’t know. It’s like a chronic state of professional defeat.

And it’s costing you money. Now you’re in debt from school and your business…and it’s only getting worse.

Your discouragement keeps growing. You feel like you don’t know enough, don’t do enough, and don’t earn enough.

You’re struggling to manage your:


You know you’re getting in your own way. Your fear of inadequacy is sabotaging your calling to help people heal. Your Instagram feed is full of people with thriving health and wellness businesses. You know it’s possible for you, too. But you feel like something is holding you back.


There is so much to do as a business owner. You’re working really hard, but you don’t have the income or client results to show for it. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.


You’ve invested more money than you’d like to admit in continuing education courses. But you’re not seeing the income you need to make a sustainable run at being a full-time practitioner. When tax time comes, you’re at a loss. You feel spread so thin.

Network and Community

You were super connected to other practitioners in school. But as you’ve gotten busy, those relationships have waned. Now you stare at your computer all alone, trying to figure out your business. You want a network of like-minded people—to find support and to connect with clients. But without a system in place, staying in touch seems to slip through the cracks.


You have such good ideas, but when you try to communicate them it comes out all wrong! You see newsletters, social media posts, and blogs from other practitioners—why can’t your message be as clear and strong as theirs?

My 5-week course, Foundations in Practice, will help you:

If you’re ready to build a sustainable business that puts your knowledge to work, this is the place for you!

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