Optimize your clients’ chances of having a healthy baby and feeling great throughout pregnancy with the Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ program.

Module 1 – Nutrition basics, morning sickness, and carbohydrate cravings

  • Morning sickness
  • Understanding macro and micronutrients
  • Sourcing nutrient-dense “real” food
  • Phospholipids and pregnancy – lecithin and choline
  • Causes of morning sickness and nausea
  • Basic remedies for nausea and liver/gallbladder support
  • How to deal with carbohydrate cravings
  • Top foods to nourish you and your growing baby

Module 2 – Managing fatigue during pregnancy

  • Causes of fatigue
  • The connection between blood sugar imbalances and fatigue
  • A close look at sugars and sugar substitutes
  • Nourishing ways to rebalance blood sugar and reclaim your energy
  • Understanding dietary fats and pregnancy
  • Discerning between healthy and harmful fats and how to use them
  • Fatty acid supplementation
  • Homemade stocks and broths
  • What to do if you’re anemic
  • Introduction to epigenetics, SNPs, methylation, and MTHFR issues
  • Folate v. folic acid, and your prenatal vitamin
  • Thyroid health

Module 3 – Protecting your baby from toxic exposures

  • Why fear and judgement are the most damaging of all exposures
  • Other toxic exposures to look out for
    • alcohol and ideas for enjoying a sober pregnancy
    • caffeine
    • tobacco
    • home and body care
    • sources of mercury
    • glyphosate
    • is your drinking water safe?
    • possible toxicants in food and supplements
    • Electromagnetic radiation and practical steps to minimize exposure
    • Choosing safe cookware
  • How to prioritize the avoidance of exposures from a sensible and practical perspective
  • How and why every small step you take in the right direction is a huge gift to yourself, your baby, and your family

Module 4 – Taking your pregnancy nutrition to the next level

  • Healthy eating hygiene
  • The role of fat-soluble vitamins in your baby’s development
  • Hydration tips
  • Healthy urinary tract during pregnancy
  • Tips for good sleep hygiene
  • One-page nutrient-dense pregnancy-focused food chart
  • Common concerns regarding nutrition and food safety

Module 5 – Pregnancy Digest: Optimizing digestive and gut health

  • Overview of how digestion works
  • How to prevent/limit/address reflux, heartburn, and constipation
  • Some underlying reasons for common digestive issues
  • How balanced gut flora supports a healthy pregnancy and contributes to your baby’s lifelong health
  • How your healthy gut flora reduces your chances of a positive Group B Strep (GBS) result, and why this matters
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, and fermented foods: practical tips for healthy microbial balance for mom and baby
  • What to do to keep your and your baby’s microbiota balanced if you need a C-section and/or antibiotics

Module 6 – Preparing for birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery

  • How to plan ahead for post-partum healing
  • How to help friends and family be truly helpful
  • Meal delivery services and meal trains
  • Strategies to optimize milk production and breastfeeding outcomes: foods and herbs
  • Systemic racism and its impact on pregnancy and birth

Bonus material:

  • Cookbook, shopping guides, meal-planning tips, resources and more!

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