You don’t have to keep wondering if you’re doing it right…

Case Study Toolkit is the place for you if your practice isn’t growing, and complex cases freak you out because you think you don’t know enough.

Join our community of dedicated clinicians who are elevating their clinical skills through case study review—Case Study Toolkit.

You’re ready to fill your practice with clients who are so thrilled with their transformations they can’t stop talking about you.

But you didn’t expect building a nutrition practice to be this hard.

You’re waiting to grow your practice because you don’t feel ready.

You’ve got more courses and certifications under your belt than you’d like to admit but still don’t have a sustainable client load.

You’re scared to work with complex cases!

If you’re going to fill your practice with the right clients (and feel confident that you’ll genuinely help them), you’re going to have to figure this stuff out.

I can help.

I started my nutrition practice nearly a decade ago. I remember feeling insecure and uncertain as I built my business. I worried I didn’t know how to find clients or how to help the ones I did find. But over the years, I’ve figured out how to maintain a thriving practice and make a real difference.

It is possible to build a sustainable practice without…

  • Taking endless courses
  • Having all the answers and knowing all the things
  • Selling yourself as a product
  • Going through the motions of the sales-centered paradigm
  • Working for free because you don’t feel like you know enough yet

You were on fire when you went to school—you came out ready to change the world! But trying to build your practice made your head spin. Analysis paralysis took over. 

Now you’re stuck in a feedback loop just waiting…waiting to help people, waiting to make money, waiting to make your dreams a reality. 

You know it’s possible to build a thriving, sustainable practice. Your Instagram feed is filled with practitioners living the life you dream of

All you need is the guidance of someone who has walked the road ahead of you.

That’s where Case Study Toolkit comes in! A place to share case studies, learn clinical skills, grow our referral networks, and support our clients.

Hi! I’m Sara, the creator of Case Study Toolkit.

foundations in practice

I’ve been booked solid in my nutrition practice since 2013. I’ve helped dozens of people reach their health goals.

How did I do it? I figured out how to get over my fears and confidently help people. And I built a professional referral network with like-minded practitioners who constantly send clients my way.

I’ve always been an active member of the holistic health community. And as my practice grew, I saw many colleagues struggle to make their business dreams a reality. 

So I shifted my focus. Now I help entrepreneurs find success in their businesses. First, I created Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family!™, a trilogy of licensed programs to help colleagues work confidently with fertility and pregnancy clients.

But when I looked around our community and saw lots of frustrated practitioners, I wanted to do more. Too many nutrition school graduates were struggling to gain momentum in their business. They were stuck. 

Case Study Toolkit is a small-group mentoring program for holistic nutrition practitioners ready to elevate their clinical skills.


Learn how to:

  • Build a robust referral network so clients seek you out
  • Approach even the most complex cases with confidence
  • Trust yourself when you design bio-individual protocols

Twice a month, your group of three to five practitioners will meet with me on a 90-minute call. Everyone will bring their case study—yes, an actual client you are currently working with! And we’ll work through strategies to help them.  

You’ll have my guidance as you tap into your vast nutrition knowledge and apply it to your clients. You’ll learn to address complex health situations confidently and create a thriving service-oriented nutrition practice.

During each call, we’ll deep-dive into the case study and cover: 

  • Client health information and intake
  • Supplements and prescription drug influence
  • Evidence-based recommendations given in a practical way
  • Follow-up strategies and client outcomes
  • How to support clients while staying within your scope of practice
  • Ideas on developing communication and collaboration with other members of the client’s healthcare team
  • Business systems — all the backend and administrative nitty-gritty you need to keep your business running smoothly
  • The client-practitioner relationship, including how to request a testimonial

This isn’t another online course filled with generic educational videos.

These live mentoring calls will provide you with practical clinical help for your current clients, along with strategies you can apply no matter who you work with in the future. You’ll become part of a dynamic and compassionate community where education and ideas can be shared.

The end result? A sustainable and fulfilling practice!

Case Study Toolkit Exclusive Bonus!

I refer potential clients to YOU!

You become part of my referral network when you join Case Study Toolkit. I’m bombarded by people desperate to work with a nutritional therapist. But I don’t have any more room in my schedule. So I pass these clients on to YOU!

I match each client with the right practitioner from my mentorship groups. This means you will be paired with clients who match your niche and interests!

“We all have our own set of limiting beliefs when starting a new practice. Being aware of what those are and having Sara as a mentor on the road to overcoming my obstacles is incredibly empowering and transformative.

During this time, it’s not only the foundations of my business that have been transformed. My income, along with my confidence and professionalism, has been taken to new heights. My whole personal self has been elevated. What a gift for my practice and my clients.”

Robert from San Diego

Here’s how the magic happens…

During each twice-monthly 90-minute call, we’ll cover:

  • Updates and introductions: 10 – 20 minutes
  • Case study: 45 – 55 minutes
  • Networking, review of business systems, and referrals: 15 – 20 minutes
  • Wrapping up: 5 minutes

We’ll focus on the skills you need to manage the two most important relationships in your work—your clients and the professionals who refer clients to you.

After each call, you’ll receive:

  • An email recap
  • A collection of resources so you can dig deeper into the topics we covered
  • A recording of the call so you can watch it as many times as you like

This is not a one-size-fits-all nutrition course to add to your already long list of courses. You will learn how to build your business by finding and serving clients from a place of authenticity and integrity that will make you feel good about who you are and what you do.

Your Investment


Membership cost: $180/month, 3-month minimum commitment.

*Foundations in Practice participants and graduates, and instructors of the Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family!™ courses are eligible for a special price of $135/month.

Case Study Toolkit offers personalized support for a fraction of the cost of an online course. Space is limited, and group sizes are small, so spots will fill up fast!

“Sara is a great listener with an uncanny ability to pinpoint the most important things to focus on. She has been so helpful and helped me find traction. I feel like I now have direction, goals in place, and the information I need to make them a reality.”

Varian from Texas


What if I have to miss a call?

The calls are the heart of the program, so I highly recommend you join us in person. But if you do need to miss one, don’t worry. Every call will be recorded and emailed to you, so you can go back and watch it as many times as you like.

What if my practice is really small (like only a couple of clients)?

This mentorship will work for you as long as you have at least one client. During the mentoring calls, you will benefit from all the case studies we cover, whether it’s your personal client or not.

Everyone says you need to “niche down” in your practice. What if I’m not sure what my niche is?

This mentorship will be an excellent opportunity for you to get in touch with your strengths and interests as a practitioner. Throughout our work together, you will be able to make an informed choice on how to hone your practice. I will also help you reach clients in your niche through my referral program (available only to mentorship members).

I’m having trouble finding clients. Will this mentorship help me do that?

Yes! I’ll teach you how to build your referral network. So you not only find clients but create a system, so they find YOU! We’ll also cover non-salesy marketing techniques so you can talk about your practice without feeling like you are selling yourself. Plus, I will add you to my referral list and send you leads directly from my practice!

I’m nervous about working with complex cases. I’m not sure I know enough to help them. Will this mentorship help me?

Working with complex cases is my specialty. And this is precisely why we focus on case studies. We’ll work through your complex cases together. I’ll share exactly how I think through complex issues and walk you through the process of creating bio-individual protocols step-by-step. Plus, you’ll benefit from the case studies brought into the group by your colleagues. One of the main goals of this program is to help you gain competence and confidence in working with your most challenging scenarios.

Still have questions? You can always email me at

“I finished the program much more confident and my feedback from clients improved drastically. This really helped boost my confidence and gave me clarity with my protocol moving forward.”

Michelle from Lisbon

Picture yourself running your thriving practice…

  • Making a living by offering your services in a loving and healing-centered way 
  • Never selling yourself as a product and shifting to marketing from a service-oriented perspective
  • Confidently charging what you’re worth, knowing you’re making a genuine difference in the lives of your clients
  • Filling your schedule by showing up authentically
  • Establishing a reliable and like-minded professional referral network that sends clients to you
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