Happy parents who have built their families using nutritional therapy


Leslie & Antonio, EC

Preparing for our second pregnancy really started a year before we actually got pregnant.

We worked with Sara as a client before taking her preconception course. We were pregnant by the end of the course! Sara helped me rebuild my body from my last pregnancy 2 years before and gave me the knowledge I needed to feed my body nutrient-dense food. She also reminded me of the lifestyle (less worrying and requesting help with childcare!) necessary for an optimal conceiving environment. Sarah is like an encyclopedia when it comes to nutrition. I love it and love that about her!

Working with Sara has helped me shift my way of eating by eating more “nutrient-dense” foods, which means more fat, and in turn, more flavor! I am relieved that healthy foods need not be bland.

I highly recommend working with Sara, particularly if you’ve been (or once were) on a low-fat diet like myself. Her extreme knowledge, guidance, patience, calm presence, and nonjudgmental attitude helped us feel comfortable in telling her the truth about what we were really eating and & doing, and helping us move forward despite not always following through with the plan.

Sara Russell played a crucial role in the conception of our child.

We had been trying for a number of years and wanted a more natural approach than what Western medicine had to offer. Sara helped us identify the underlying issues which were preventing us from sustaining a pregnancy. She provided us with information and resources to help us understand our bodies and physiological needs.

The workbook Sara provided during the course outlined specific strategies to improve our chances of conceiving. Sara was very thoughtful when putting together this workbook. She provided clear and explicit recommendations to fit anyone’s level of interest. She is well aware that each family dynamic is different and recognizes that each client’s ability to make lifestyle adjustments varies.

We conceived our baby just two months after completing the fertility program! Sara has always been very approachable, compassionate, and accessible since the day we met. Her clients are very lucky to have her on their team!!

HB and KK, Oakland, CA