Feed Your Body,
Grow Your Family
Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What do Feed Your Fertile Body!™, Feed Your Pregnant Body!™, and Feed Your Growing Family!™ instructors do?

    After becoming familiar with the materials presented, instructors run live programs, either in person or online, using the provided course materials, to support parents-to-be during preconception and pregnancy. For most instructors, the programs are an important part of their integrated nutritional therapy practice.

  • Who is eligible to become an Instructor?

    Graduates of the Nutritional Therapy Association®’s programs are eligible. Members of the NANP (National Association for Nutrition Practitioners) are also eligible. If you are a nutritional or health care professional with a different training and professional membership background, I will evaluate your credentials on a case-by-case basis. You will be asked to provide a copy of your certificate upon applying to become a program instructor.

  • What does the practitioner packet include?

    The practitioner packet includes an instructor’s manual complete with a program overview (with tips on marketing, pricing, class structure and size), detailed lesson plans, activity worksheets, disclaimers, feedback forms, and a variety of marketing materials. Instructors have access to the workbook and may print materials as needed to teach the course. Instructors also gain access to the private practitioner forum where they can ask questions and receive support. I am available to answer questions outside of the forum as well.

  • What support do program instructors receive?

    Program instructors receive ongoing support via the exclusive instructor forum and live video calls (10 per year) and written materials to support the practical business side of being an instructor and a practitioner. The instructor support materials resource library is ever-growing and covers topics ranging from building confidence to networking to building an online presence. My goal is to support instructors every step of the way along the process of being a successful practitioner and program instructor.

  • Once I sign up as an instructor, will I be listed on the program website?

    Yes. The Find an Instructor page lists each instructor, along with location, contact information and a link to the instructor’s webpage if applicable.

  • Can I earn CEUs?

    Yes, the FYFB, FYPB, and FYGF programs have all been pre-approved by the NTA and NANP for 10 CEUs.

  • Where do participants purchase their workbook, and in what format?

    The instructors can provide the PDF or printed workbook to participants. Instructors wishing to provide a printed workbook will pay their own printing costs and factor those into the cost of the program.

  • I am also an instructor for RESTART®, or another program. Can I mention this to participants in my FYB, GYF groups?

    Please feel free to promote your individual nutritional therapy services and any other group services you offer which are complementary to this program, as long as you adhere to the contract terms of each program you are an instructor for, and do so in a way that is respectful of what each program has to offer. Please also check with your other program(s) because their terms and expectations may be different.

  • How can I sign up?

    Becoming an instructor involves three steps:

    1. choosing a Become an Instructor program and completing the purchase
    2. emailing me your NTA certificate or other credentials
    3. sending the your name and business address to me for contract purposes
  • How much will it cost?

    It depends on which program(s) you sign up for and whether you license for the programs together or separately. Please review my Become an Instructor page for more details.

  • Are program upgrades included?

    When you sign the licensing agreement, you retain a lifetime license to that version of the program (including updates to the workbooks as relevant), as long as you continuously adhere to the terms of the licensing agreement. Instructors in good standing enjoy access to revisions of the witten program materials as well as access to the growing instructor resource and development materials (live calls, written resource library, exclusive instructor forum). However, should I at some time make a substantial upgrade or overhaul to the program structure, materials, or additional instructor goodies, I reserve the right to assess a reasonable upgrade fee for any instructors wanting to upgrade. In that case, instructors would be free to continue to use the version of the program they signed up for at no additional cost. If you have questions about this, please reach out to me at [email protected].