Feed Your Growing Family!™ Program Outline


The Feed Your Growing Family!™ Program will guide you through the following nutrition and lifestyle steps:

Module 1 – Postpartum Recovery: Community, Breastfeeding, Placenta, and Vaccines

  • Getting help from friends and family: food preparation, creating a (helpful) village, and technology management
  • Optimizing breastfeeding success; functional foods, herbs, hydration and more
  • Should I eat my placenta?
  • Vaccines

Module 2 – Maternal Nutrition

  • Introduction to Macronutrients
  • Best Foods for Postpartum Nourishment
  • Sourcing Nutrient-Dense Foods
  • Possible Nutritional Deficiencies: Macronutrients, Micronutrients
  • Postpartum Blood Sugar Balance to Reduce Fatigue
  • Eating Habit Tips

Module 3 – Managing Colic, Reflux, and Other Infant Health Considerations

  • Infant Colic and Reflux
  • Investigating Food Sensitivities for Mom and Baby
  • Managing Postpartum Fatigue with a Fussy Baby
  • If Your Baby Gets Thrush
  • Considering Tongue and Lip Ties
  • The Marvelous Microbiota and Mother’s milk
  • Delayed Physical Growth/Delayed Milestones

Module 4 – Postpartum Body Image, Feelings, and Self-Care

  • A new body image
  • Common issues with mood, energy, and metabolism
  • Pelvic floor health and core stability
  • Dealing with unsolicited advice and mom-shaming
  • Common postpartum concerns; mastitis, thyroid imbalances, and uterine/bladder
  • When will my period return? Plus, family planning
    Self-care and stress

Module 5 – Baby’s First Solids

  • When and how to introduce solid foods to your baby
  • Which foods are the best choices as first solids
  • Allergies and considerations for an infant’s immune system
  • How much water your baby needs
  • Eating out and traveling with baby

Module 6 – Further Considerations for Postpartum Life

  • Work/Life Balance
  • How to improve sleep for you and your baby
  • Exposure awareness—EMFs, water, tobacco, etc.
  • Growing family budgeting insights
  • Steps to create lasting change

Bonus materials

  • Cookbook, shopping guides, meal-planning tips, resources and more!

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Step 1

Find an Instructor Many instructors offer the program both in-person and online! We always recommend finding a group as local as possible for the added benefit of building the local community.

Step 2

Contact the instructor and they can provide you with details on their next upcoming course start date, add you to a waiting list, or help refer you to a group/practitioner who best fits your needs and desired timeline.

Since the Feed Your Growing Family!™ Program is committed to creating person-to-person growth environments, there is not an automated enrollment or course start. Rather, we have a network of experienced instructors who offer the program at various times throughout the year.

If you would like help searching for your closest options, you can also email Sara with your location/time zone and she can assist you with finding the best fit.