Feed Your Growing Family!™ Program

First-year nutrition for moms and babies


Postpartum nutrition and lifestyle tips. This program supports a healthy mom and baby during the first year after birth!

At long last, here’s the nutrient-dense postpartum program you’ve been waiting for! This six-module program covers maternal and infant nutrition needs for the first year after birth and completes the trilogy of life-building, family-building programs that are part of the Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family!™ suite.

This program is inspired by and dedicated to the lovely community of Feed Your Fertile Body!™ and Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ Program participants and instructors who have done so much to bring greater health, fertility, and abundance into the world – and recognized the vital need for supporting new moms as well.

For a lot of parents, birth feels like a destination. It is, and it’s also the start of another journey, with multiple destinations and milestones ahead. If you worked hard pre-conception and during pregnancy to nourish your body with healthy, fertility-supporting, and baby-growing foods, you have built a great tool kit to carry you forward. If you conceived and/or carried your baby to term on the typical Western diet, you have all the more reason to introduce nutrient-dense foods at this time.

It’s never too late to introduce positive changes into your life, and please don’t feel inadequate if you’re just now getting started on a nutrient-dense lifestyle. Nourishing your family isn’t a race or a contest.

How and why does post-natal nutrition matter?

Your body has just gone through an immense change, from being pregnant for many weeks, to suddenly not being pregnant, and finally having a baby to care for day and night! Your body is healing from the intensity of birth, and whatever your experience, intensity is a given. The entire first year of postpartum is especially complex, as you are in a deep healing process while also adjusting to the multifaceted nature of parenting a new baby. The eager anticipation and special attentions of pregnancy have passed, but you still need and deserve support, perhaps now more than ever!

In addition to the practical nutritional topics such has healing, breastfeeding, or troubleshooting infant colic, we also need to pull back the covers and shine a loving light on topics such as developing healthy emotional and relational frameworks, cultivating a positive self-image as a new mom, and destigmatizing post-partum hormonal and mood imbalances.

Learning Overview

Module 1

Postpartum Recovery: Community, Breastfeeding, Placenta, and Vaccines

Module 2

Maternal Nutrition: An In-Depth Look at Sourcing and Deficiencies

Module 3

Managing Colic, Reflux, and Other Infant Health Considerations

Module 4

Postpartum Health: New Body, New Feelings, and Self-care

Module 5

Baby’s First Solids

Module 6

Further Considerations for Postpartum Life: Sleep, Exposures, and Change

Bonus materials

Quick reference guides, nutritional assessment and tracking tools, and many more additional resources

Program Highlights

  • Lead by a nutrition professional
  • Small group community engagement
  • Body and food positive
  • Bio-individual lens
  • Tools for personal inquiry, reflection, and intention setting
  • Clear action steps for integration and practical application
  • Comprehensive and affordable
Focused on quality, balanced information – you won’t see fear mongering or dogma here!


Are you ready to take the next steps?

Step 1

Find an Instructor Many instructors offer the program both in-person and online! We always recommend finding a group as local as possible for the added benefit of building the local community.

Step 2

Contact the instructor and they can provide you with details on their next upcoming course start date, add you to a waiting list, or help refer you to a group/practitioner who best fits your needs and desired timeline.

Since the Feed Your Growing Family!™ Program is committed to creating person-to-person growth environments, there is not an automated enrollment or course start. Rather, we have a network of experienced instructors who offer the program at various times throughout the year.

If you would like help searching for your closest options, you can also email Sara with your location/time zone and she can assist you with finding the best fit.