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Hundreds of practitioners just like you are using the Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family™ courses to nutritionally support their clients…while financially supporting their families.

You already know the massive importance of nutrition and lifestyle support for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Our hormones, including fertility hormones, are directly made from the nutrients in the foods we eat.

But do you know the most potent traditional foods to recommend to couples preparing for conception? Or how to help a pregnant mom decipher what supplements and herbs are best for her during pregnancy? Or the specific probiotic strains that reduce colic in affected babies?

The Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family™ courses have helped so many couples conceive healthy babies.

I designed the Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family™ programs to help you guide couples through the foundations of reproduction nutrition while building a successful practice to support your own family.

Sara Russell, PhD, FNTP

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™, Feed Your Pregnant Body!™, and Feed Your Growing Family!™ programs give you access to:

  • Six robust modules and bonus materials
  • A done-for-you curriculum you can use right now to teach groups or work with private clients
  • Rigorous research to help you provide your clients with sound advice
  • A mentor with a decade of experience under her belt
  • A caring, knowledgeable, and active instructor community and monthly calls


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