Autism Spectrum Disorder



I approach Autism Spectrum Disorder with a gentle and common-sense perspective. This means providing you and your family with practical and affirming steps to restore balance in accordance with your current situation.

In our work together, you come first. I use nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations, resources for stress management, and further testing, such as hair tissue mineral analysis, so we can learn the best ways to support your unique needs.

This physical support is paired with emotional and mental support. Our society must evolve to incorporate and celebrate all forms of diversity, including neurodiversity!

While there is still much we don’t know, we do know that many pieces contribute to the diagnosis of autism. Genetics, epigenetics, possible toxicant exposures, nutrient deficiencies, specifically issues with folate need and methylation, and immune system dysregulation may all play a role in ASDs. I keep these factors in mind as we work together.

Additionally, both the research literature and my clinical experience have revealed a connection between hypermobility and autism. You can read more about this and other ASD considerations here.

If you or a family member needs support, I’d love to work with you. To learn more, please use the button below to schedule a free 15-minute conversation.