Nutritionally support your clients' families while financially supporting yours.

Welcome to my nutritional therapy practice!

My work is built on the Build, Nurture, Restore model.


Build your family-focused practice.

I offer three robust courses—the Feed Your Body, Grow Your Family™ trilogy—to help practitioners grow and enrich their family-focused practices.

Click here to learn more about becoming an instructor for the Feed Your Fertile Body!™, Feed Your Pregnant Body!™, and Feed Your Growing Family™ programs!


Nurture your clinical skills.

My two mentoring groups offer deep support for holistic health practitioners.

Foundations in Practice gets you the practical and soft skills you need for a successful nutrition practice.

Case Study Toolkit expands your clinical skills with thorough case study exploration in a supportive community.

Many practitioners find they benefit from the combination of both groups.


"Sara has compiled a thorough and expansive resource to support families' holistic health through the stages of fertility, pregnancy, and early parenthood." - Danielle

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