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What You Never Learned About Blood Work in Preconception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum

The world’s FIRST evidence-based, reproductive-focused blood work analysis education.

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Case Study Toolkit gathers clinicians from around the world to collaboratively brainstorm their current patient work.

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I started my nutrition practice in 2013, with the goal of helping others connect with food as a tool of love and healing.

My passion is to catalyze healing through evidence-based research & meaningful connections with ourselves, others, and nature.

I changed my career direction to nutrition when my now-12-year-old son was a baby—the gift of motherhood grounded the importance of nutrition and human connection in my life.

Whether I’m working with clients or clinicians, my goal is to restore people to their highest state of health….no matter how complex their current issues seem to be.

Together, we can foster optimal health in generations to come—I’m deeply committed to every baby’s birthright to be born as healthy as possible.

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“Sara has compiled a thorough and expansive resource to support families’ holistic health through the stages of fertility, pregnancy, and early parenthood.” – Danielle

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